Accessories & 19in Rack Mount Solutions                                                                    Revised 03/07/13


Amtex Electronics can provide a range of mechanical packages, from totally customised solutions ( see Custom Designs ) to a range of standard 19in Rack assemblies, that allow us to provide Rack Mount Solutions within a few days.

The illustrations below provide a glimpse of what we can offer......Just give us a call to discuss your application and project needs.


Fig A

19in RACK Assemblies

Our standard 19in Rack assemblies, allows us to package a variety of power supplies, in a 1U, 2U and 3U rack assemblies.....with:

  • Front panel AC power switch.
  • Removable cover
  • Rear IEC socket for AC mains input
  • Two or Four way 30A or 65A high quality Phoenix screw terminals for DC Output
  • Sturdy metal unit, powder coated grey finish
  • Allows off the shelf solutions
19in Rack 1
3Ux19in front view
Fig B

3U x 19in RACK Assembly with meters & Distribution Breakers.

As an option, our standard 19in Rack assemblies, allows to offer:

  • V & A meter option ( by replacing the standard blank front panel )
  • Front panel AC power switch with Neon indicator
  • Removable cover
  • Distribution breakers ( customer specified )
  • Internal Dimensions: Width x 405mm x 370mm Depth
Fig 2
3Ux19in rear view
Fig C

3U x 19in RACK Assembly - Rear View.

A variety of input / output connections are available. Illustrated here:

  • IEC socket for AC input supply ( optional dual AC supply )
  • 6way or 8 way terminal strip rated at 20A / 25A
  • Phoenix terminals 4 - 8 way 30-65A
  • Internal Dimensions: Width x 405mm x 370mm Depth
Fig 3
2U Rack with meters
Fig D

2U x 19in Rack with Meters

Any number of our AC/DC Power Supplies, DC/DC Converters or Battery Chargers, can be assembled into 19in Rack mount racks with optional meters.

The unit shown here is a 24V 600W power supply with front panel meters

Fig 4
Fig E

1U x19in Rack Mount Assemblies

For "Low Profile" applications we can offer standard 1U x 19in Rack mounting assemblies with power supplies up to 1200W in a 1U Rack.

We can also offer battery chargers up to 1200W with meters in the same low profile rack.

Fig 5
ZX 19in panel mount
Fig F


The lowest cost option of 19in rack mounting power supplies, available as in a 2U or 3U.

Power supply and 19in Front Panel are shipped separately, or we can assemble on request.

  • Suitable for use with many fully enclosed AC/DC or DC/DC power products.
  • All connections are made directly on power supply existing terminals.
  • Sturdy metal unit, powder coated black finish
Fig 6
Redundancy Diodesoutput plugs

Fig G

Redundancy Diodes( Redundancy Diodes)

A wide range of packaged "Redundancy / Output Isolation diodes. Used for existing dc power supplies, where outputs isolation diodes can provide N+1 Redundancy and isolation. Rated up to 240A

output plugs

Output Plugs ( Data Sheet Link )

A wide range of output plugs are used on External power supplies and Plug-Packs. The attached data sheet illustrates the most commonly used output plugs in industry.

Fig 7
Fig 8
DIN rail clips

DIN Rail Clips ( C-CL01-002 )

These high strength stainless steel clips, are designed for attachment to a wide range of electronic products, which in turn are required to be DIN Rail mounted.

They are an excellent solution for Din Rail mounting AC/DC power supplies and DC/DC converters.

  • Suitable for use with many fully enclosed AC/DC or DC/DC power products.
  • Allows for vertical or horizontal mounting for most products.
  • Normally require 2pcs per power supply.

PS alarm card

PS-Alarm Card ( PS-alarm Card data sheet )

The PS-Alarm Card was developed to provide an off-the-shelf solution for monitoring 12, 24 and 48vdc power supply and dc/dc converter outputs.

It's very suitable for use as DC Fail Alarm.

  • It provides two Alarms with relay change-over contacts, and LED for each alarm.
  • Wide range adjustment for alarm voltage setting. ( 10~32V ) and ( 20~60V )
  • Easy panel mount package with screw terminals.
DLP-PU modules

DLP-PU Module ( DLPU data sheet )

The DLPU module was designed for use with 24Vdc systems, allowing two 24V power supplies or dc/dc converters, to be connected in parallel for n+1 redundancy applications.

  • Dual Input ( A & B )
  • Built-in isolation diodes.
  • Two alarms relays and LED for "DC Fail" monitoring
  • Din Rail or Panel mounting possible.
  • Maximum Load capacity 20A
IP65 enclosure

IP65 Enclosures. ( IP65 General Information )

In Industrial applications, there is a requirement to have DC Power Supplies to be assembled in IP65 enclosures.

The IP65 General Information sheet, provides a general overview of issues that need to be addressed for optimum reliability of installations.

IP65 assembly / enclosures can be provided for a wide range of our products. For AC/DC Power Supplies, DC/DC Converters, Battery Chargers and many other DC Products.