DC Power Supplies, DC/DC Converters, Battery Chargers

AC/DC power supply

AC/DC Power Supplies - Commercial


AC/DC Power Supplies -Industrial

dc/dc converters, pcb mounting power supply

DC/DC Converters PCB Mounting 1~60 watts

Battery Charger

Battery Chargers /  DC UPS Batteries

LED power supply

LED Power Supplies
IP66 / IP67

Power Modules, high density, DC/DC

DC/DC High Density Power Modules 50~700 watts

Land Mobile Radio Power Supplies

Power Suplies- Land Mobile Radio and Wireless Broadband

DIN rail power supplies, ac/dc

DIN RAIL Power Supply

DC/DC Converters

DC/DC Converters-Industrial

DC/AC Power Inverters, Frequency converters

DC/AC Power Inverters


Frequency Converters

power supplies, external, ac/dc

AC/DC Adapters & External Power Supplies

Rail Applications DC/DC Converters

DC/DC Converters for Rail Applications

Lab Power Supplies

Laboratory Power Supplies

Power Supplies, Modular, AC/DC

Modular AC/DC Power Supply

battery charger and medical power supplies

Medical Power Supplies; Battery Chargers

19" rack mount & DIN rail kits

19" Rack Mount Power Supply Solutions


Power Supply selection can be made easier by contacting Amtex Electronics. Our wide range of ac/dc power supplies and dc/dc converters, battery chargers, power inverters and technical advice, ensure that you select the right power supply for your application. We can also tailor dc/dc converters, ac/dc power supplies & battery chargers to your specifications.

Not only do we supply standard product, but we also manufacture rugged, high-performance switch-mode power supplies, designed to meet virtually any electrical and mechanical configuration requirement. They can be found powering electronic equipment in railway, industrial, mining, military, marine, airborne, utility and telecom applications around the world.

Hopefully this section will have given you a brief introduction to Amtex Electronics.

Our production and manufacturing capabilities, are able to support small or large projects and with a wide range of standard stock items available for immediate delivery from our Sydney office.

We have a tremendous amount to offer in terms of products, services and advice. Contact us on sales@heliosps.com.au